The You.i TV Client Support team are here to help keep your App running smoothly and delivering on your product vision.

Accessing You.i TV Client Support

You.i TV’s standard hours of person-to-person support coverage are 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays observed in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Outside of those hours, you have access to the You.i TV Support Portal where you can use our knowledgebase to research your issue or log a customer support request in our support system.

Extended hours of person-to-person support are available through our 24 x7 Critical Incident Program.

Designated Support Contacts

When you first purchase your You.i TV Client Support package, we will ask you to provide the contact details of your Designated Support Contacts so we can set them up in our support systems.

For each Designated Support Contact, you will need to provide:

Name E-mail Address Phone number Address Once we have set them up in our systems, they will receive an invitation to complete their registration and create a personal password.


Go to to access You.i TV’s technical knowledgebase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here you’ll find information on developing and designing using You.i Engine, together with tips, tricks and problem resolution information.

Phone Support

Call +1 (613) 228 9107 and select extension 150

In the event our Support Developers aren’t immediately available to answer your call, leave a message and a Customer Support Request (CSR) will automatically be created for you in our support system.

Email Support

Send an e-mail to to have a new CSR automatically logged for you. This CSR will be assigned to the most appropriate Support Developer who will contact you to help resolve your issue.

On-line Support

Go to to log a new CSR with us. The site also allows you to access You.i TV’s technical knowledgebase and keep track of your previous open and solved CSRs.

Information required when you contact You.i TV Client Support

To help us resolve your Customer Support Request as speedily as possible, it is important to provide as much information up front as you can. Typically, we would ask you to provide the following:

  • A clear problem definition: describe your problem in as much detail as possible including the specific OS and device that you observed the problem on, the network environment in which the problem was observed – wired, wi-fi or cellular – and detailed steps to repeat. If you are a member of our Developer Assurance & Support Program, we will also require a code snippet demonstrating the problem.
  • The severity level: provide an initial assessment of the severity of the problem based on the Severity table here. This will allow us to immediately prioritize our efforts to ensure the right problems are getting the right level of attention.
  • Relevant diagnostic information: tracking down a problem most often requires logs or captures generated while you are observing the problem together with traces in the event of a crash. If you can provide these upfront when submitting your CSR, this will help us get right to work on diagnosing the problem and accelerate resolution.
  • Access via screensharing: sometimes there is nothing which can replace seeing a problem happen first hand. We can arrange screensharing sessions via Google Meet if you can make yourself and your device available for that.