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Copying Static Assets to S3

A static asset is an image that is bundled with the app (instead of being downloaded at runtime). You must manually copy your app’s static assets to your S3 bucket. Remember to update the contents of the S3 bucket whenever you change the static assets due to a design update.

Do the following steps:

  1. Export the latest static assets for your app with the You.i Exporter.
  2. Start an AWS console session to your S3 bucket. Open the static_assets folder.
  3. Select all the static assets for your app, located in:
    • For C++ apps: <MyApp>/AE/assets/drawable/default
    • For You.i Engine React Native apps: RNSampleApp/youi/AE/assets/drawable/default

    Manually copy all of the static assets to your static_assets folder in your S3 bucket (drag and drop).

Alternatively, you can use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) to copy the exported static assets as follows:
aws s3 cp <MAC_folder> s3://<bucket_name>/<folder_name> --recursive --acl public-read


  • <MAC_folder> is the folder on your machine with the static image files
  • <bucket_name> is your S3 bucket name; for example, my-bucket
  • <folder_name> is the folder under which you store your static asset files in S3; for example, static_assets