You.i Engine

Detailed Description

Paging classes provide support for paging APIs in CYIScrollingView and it's subclasses.

The paging in CYIScrollingView provides support for dividing the scrolling region into pages. One of the primary use cases would be to hook up the paging APIs to be visually represented by a CYIPageIndicatorView.

The classes in this group include implementations of CYIScrollingView::PagingStrategy, a class designed to contain the logic for determining which page the view is currently scrolled to based on some input parameters provided by the view. Implementations of CYIScrollingView::PagingStrategy must base the paging logic on the current scroll position, and the total scroll width of the view. Implementations of CYIListView::PagingStrategy are provided with the additional information of the number of streamable items, and the index of some streamable item currently in position to be a suitable reference item for the current page.


class  CYIItemsPerPagePagingStrategy
class  CYIPageCountPagingStrategy
class  CYIPageWidthPagingStrategy