You.i Engine
RokuPurchase Struct Reference

#include <iap/roku/YiRokuIAP.h>

Inheritance diagram for RokuPurchase:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~RokuPurchase ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from CloudIAPPurchase
virtual ~CloudIAPPurchase ()=default

Public Attributes

CYIString code
CYIString cost
CYIString name
CYIString expirationDate
int32_t freeTrialQuantity = 0
CYIString freeTrialType
CYIString productType
CYIString purchaseDate
CYIString purchaseId
int32_t qty = 0
CYIString renewalDate

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~RokuPurchase()

virtual RokuPurchase::~RokuPurchase ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ code

CYIString RokuPurchase::code

◆ cost

CYIString RokuPurchase::cost

◆ expirationDate

CYIString RokuPurchase::expirationDate

◆ freeTrialQuantity

int32_t RokuPurchase::freeTrialQuantity = 0

◆ freeTrialType

CYIString RokuPurchase::freeTrialType

◆ name

CYIString RokuPurchase::name

◆ productType

CYIString RokuPurchase::productType

◆ purchaseDate

CYIString RokuPurchase::purchaseDate

◆ purchaseId

CYIString RokuPurchase::purchaseId

◆ qty

int32_t RokuPurchase::qty = 0

◆ renewalDate

CYIString RokuPurchase::renewalDate

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