You.i Engine
CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Represents the collection of cache directives possibly found in a CYIHTTPHeader

#include <network/YiHTTPHeader.h>

Public Attributes

int32_t maxAge {-1}
int32_t maxStale {-1}
int32_t minFresh {-1}
bool hasPublic {false}
bool hasPrivate {false}
bool hasNoStore {false}
bool hasNoCache {false}
bool hasMustRevalidate {false}

Member Data Documentation

◆ hasMustRevalidate

bool CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::hasMustRevalidate {false}

◆ hasNoCache

bool CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::hasNoCache {false}

◆ hasNoStore

bool CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::hasNoStore {false}

◆ hasPrivate

bool CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::hasPrivate {false}

◆ hasPublic

bool CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::hasPublic {false}

◆ maxAge

int32_t CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::maxAge {-1}

◆ maxStale

int32_t CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::maxStale {-1}

◆ minFresh

int32_t CYIHTTPHeader::CacheDirectives::minFresh {-1}

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