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CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Represents a closed captions track that is available in the media being played. These can be queried from CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::GetClosedCaptionsTracks.

#include <player/YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h>

Inheritance diagram for CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo:

Public Member Functions

 ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo ()
 ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo (uint32_t id, const CYIString &name, const CYIString &language)
 ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo (const TrackInfo &trackInfo)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::TrackInfo
 TrackInfo (uint32_t id)
 TrackInfo (uint32_t id, const CYIString &name)
 TrackInfo (uint32_t id, const CYIString &name, const CYIString &language)
virtual ~TrackInfo ()

Static Public Attributes

static uint32_t OFF_TRACK_ID

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::TrackInfo
uint32_t id
CYIString name
CYIString language
CYIOptional< CYIStringrole

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo() [1/3]

CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo ( )

◆ ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo() [2/3]

CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo ( uint32_t  id,
const CYIString name,
const CYIString language 

◆ ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo() [3/3]

CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo ( const TrackInfo trackInfo)

Member Data Documentation


uint32_t CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo::OFF_TRACK_ID

Track ID representing 'off.'

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