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IYIThumbnails Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Provides an interface for thumbnail implementations.

A CYIImageView is provided, and subclasses will update that view with thumbnail images given a time.

#include <player/YiThumbnails.h>

Inheritance diagram for IYIThumbnails:

Public Member Functions

 IYIThumbnails (CYIImageView *pThumbnailNode)
virtual ~IYIThumbnails ()
virtual void Init (const CYIString &path)=0
virtual void Update (uint64_t time)=0

Protected Member Functions

void SetFilePath (const CYIString &path)

Protected Attributes

CYIString m_AbsolutePath

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IYIThumbnails()

IYIThumbnails::IYIThumbnails ( CYIImageView pThumbnailNode)

◆ ~IYIThumbnails()

IYIThumbnails::~IYIThumbnails ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Init()

virtual void IYIThumbnails::Init ( const CYIString path)
pure virtual

Initialize with an absolute path to the thumbnails file on disk.

Subclasses can provide overloads of `Init` if they choose.

Implemented in CYIImageMapThumbnails, and CYIBifThumbnails.

◆ SetFilePath()

void IYIThumbnails::SetFilePath ( const CYIString path)

◆ Update()

virtual void IYIThumbnails::Update ( uint64_t  time)
pure virtual

Update the node with the appropriate thumbnail content when the video is at time milliseconds

Implemented in CYIBifThumbnails, and CYIImageMapThumbnails.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_AbsolutePath

CYIString IYIThumbnails::m_AbsolutePath

◆ m_pThumbnailNode

CYIImageView* IYIThumbnails::m_pThumbnailNode

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