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CYITextEngine::PositionInString Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class contains information representing the position between two characters in a piece of text, including the logical index of the characters that the position is near, as well as additional information for how that position is represented visually.

#include <graphics/YiTextEngine.h>

Public Member Functions

 PositionInString ()
void SetBasicPosition (size_t logicalPosition)
void SetPosition (size_t logicalPosition, bool alignWithPreviousCharacter)
bool IsAlignedWithPreviousCharacter () const
size_t GetLogicalPosition () const
void SetIsAbsoluteStart ()
void SetIsAbsoluteEnd (size_t characterCount)
bool IsAbsoluteStart () const
bool IsAbsoluteEnd () const
bool operator== (const CYITextEngine::PositionInString &rhs) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PositionInString()

CYITextEngine::PositionInString::PositionInString ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetLogicalPosition()

size_t CYITextEngine::PositionInString::GetLogicalPosition ( ) const

◆ IsAbsoluteEnd()

bool CYITextEngine::PositionInString::IsAbsoluteEnd ( ) const

◆ IsAbsoluteStart()

bool CYITextEngine::PositionInString::IsAbsoluteStart ( ) const

◆ IsAlignedWithPreviousCharacter()

bool CYITextEngine::PositionInString::IsAlignedWithPreviousCharacter ( ) const

◆ operator==()

bool CYITextEngine::PositionInString::operator== ( const CYITextEngine::PositionInString rhs) const

◆ SetBasicPosition()

void CYITextEngine::PositionInString::SetBasicPosition ( size_t  logicalPosition)

◆ SetIsAbsoluteEnd()

void CYITextEngine::PositionInString::SetIsAbsoluteEnd ( size_t  characterCount)

◆ SetIsAbsoluteStart()

void CYITextEngine::PositionInString::SetIsAbsoluteStart ( )

◆ SetPosition()

void CYITextEngine::PositionInString::SetPosition ( size_t  logicalPosition,
bool  alignWithPreviousCharacter 

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