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CYIServer Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class contains various data used when authenticating with a server.

#include <network/YiServer.h>

Public Types

enum  OAuthSignature {
enum  OAuthVersion { OAuthVersion::v10a }

Public Member Functions

 CYIServer ()
 CYIServer (const CYIServer &server)
 CYIServer (const CYIString &appKey, const CYIString &appSecret, OAuthSignature oAuthSignature, OAuthVersion oAuthVersion)
 ~CYIServer ()
CYIServeroperator= (const CYIServer &rhs)
const CYIStringGetAppKey () const
const CYIStringGetAppSecret () const
const CYIStringGetSignatureMethod () const
OAuthVersion GetVersion () const
const CYIStringGetAccessToken () const
const CYIStringGetAccessTokenSecret () const
void SetAppKey (const CYIString &key)
void SetAppSecret (const CYIString &secret)
void SetSignatureMethod (OAuthSignature oAuthSignature)
void SetVersion (OAuthVersion oAuthVersion)
void SetAccessToken (const CYIString &accessToken)
void SetAccessTokenSecret (const CYIString &accessTokenSecret)

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ OAuthSignature


◆ OAuthVersion


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYIServer() [1/3]

CYIServer::CYIServer ( )

Constructs a default CYIServer object with OAuthSignature::HMAC_SHA1 OAuth signature and OAth version OAuthVersion::v10a.

◆ CYIServer() [2/3]

CYIServer::CYIServer ( const CYIServer server)

Constructs a CYIServer object with the parameters of another CYIServer object.

◆ CYIServer() [3/3]

CYIServer::CYIServer ( const CYIString appKey,
const CYIString appSecret,
OAuthSignature  oAuthSignature,
OAuthVersion  oAuthVersion 

Constructs a CYIServer object providing all application specific server parameters.

◆ ~CYIServer()

CYIServer::~CYIServer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAccessToken()

const CYIString& CYIServer::GetAccessToken ( ) const

Return user's Access Token configured for this server

◆ GetAccessTokenSecret()

const CYIString& CYIServer::GetAccessTokenSecret ( ) const

Return the secret associated with the user's Access Token.

◆ GetAppKey()

const CYIString& CYIServer::GetAppKey ( ) const

Return the Application key. This key identifies the client application to the server. This key is typically used for computing the hash used in a signature.

◆ GetAppSecret()

const CYIString& CYIServer::GetAppSecret ( ) const

Return the Application secret. This secret represent shared information between the client and server. It is typically used for computing the hash used in a signature.

◆ GetSignatureMethod()

const CYIString& CYIServer::GetSignatureMethod ( ) const

Return the Signature algorithm used during encryption.

◆ GetVersion()

OAuthVersion CYIServer::GetVersion ( ) const

Return the OAuth verion used.

◆ operator=()

CYIServer& CYIServer::operator= ( const CYIServer rhs)

◆ SetAccessToken()

void CYIServer::SetAccessToken ( const CYIString accessToken)

Sets the user's Access Token retrieved after successful login.

◆ SetAccessTokenSecret()

void CYIServer::SetAccessTokenSecret ( const CYIString accessTokenSecret)

Sets the user's Access Token Secret retrieved after successful login.

◆ SetAppKey()

void CYIServer::SetAppKey ( const CYIString key)

Sets the Application key.

◆ SetAppSecret()

void CYIServer::SetAppSecret ( const CYIString secret)

Sets the Application secret.

◆ SetSignatureMethod()

void CYIServer::SetSignatureMethod ( OAuthSignature  oAuthSignature)

Sets the Signature method.

◆ SetVersion()

void CYIServer::SetVersion ( OAuthVersion  oAuthVersion)

Sets the OAuth version to be used.

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