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CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration Class Reference

Detailed Description

This base class contains the information required to contact the license aquisition server and obtain the license for playback.

#include <player/YiLicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration.h>

Inheritance diagram for CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration:

Public Member Functions

 CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration ()=default
 CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration (const CYIUrl &licenseAcquisitionUrl)
virtual ~CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration ()
void SetLicenseAcquisitionUrl (const CYIUrl &licenseAcquisitionUrl)
const CYIUrlGetLicenseAcquisitionUrl () const
void SetLicenseAcquisitionHeader (const CYIString &headerField, const CYIString headerValue)
void ClearLicenseAcquisitionHeader (const CYIString &headerField)
void ClearLicenseAcquisitionHeaders ()
const std::map< CYIString, CYIString > & GetLicenseAcquisitionHeaders () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::DRMConfiguration
virtual ~DRMConfiguration ()=default
virtual DRMScheme GetScheme () const =0

Protected Attributes

CYIUrl m_licenseAcquisitionUrl
std::map< CYIString, CYIStringm_licenseAcquisitionHeaders

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration() [1/2]

CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration ( )

Constructs a default instance. The license URL contained within the media will be used, unless explicitly set.

See also

◆ CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration() [2/2]

CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration ( const CYIUrl licenseAcquisitionUrl)

Constructs an instance containing the specified licenseAcquisitionUrl.

See also

◆ ~CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration()

virtual CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::~CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearLicenseAcquisitionHeader()

void CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::ClearLicenseAcquisitionHeader ( const CYIString headerField)

Removes the header specified by headerField from the headers that will be used in the request to the license acquisition server.

◆ ClearLicenseAcquisitionHeaders()

void CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::ClearLicenseAcquisitionHeaders ( )

Removes all current headers that have been set on the configuration.

◆ GetLicenseAcquisitionHeaders()

const std::map<CYIString, CYIString>& CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::GetLicenseAcquisitionHeaders ( ) const

Returns all current headers that will be used in the request to the license acquisition server.

◆ GetLicenseAcquisitionUrl()

const CYIUrl& CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::GetLicenseAcquisitionUrl ( ) const

Returns the current license acquisition URL.

◆ SetLicenseAcquisitionHeader()

void CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::SetLicenseAcquisitionHeader ( const CYIString headerField,
const CYIString  headerValue 

Sets a header that will be used in the request to the license acquisition server.

If a header already exists for headerField that header will be overwritten.
On some platforms for the custom headers to be used the license acquisition URL must be set.

◆ SetLicenseAcquisitionUrl()

void CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::SetLicenseAcquisitionUrl ( const CYIUrl licenseAcquisitionUrl)

Sets the URL for the license acquisition server which will be used to obtain the DRM license for the media which is being prepared.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_licenseAcquisitionHeaders

std::map<CYIString, CYIString> CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::m_licenseAcquisitionHeaders

◆ m_licenseAcquisitionUrl

CYIUrl CYILicenseAcquisitionDRMConfiguration::m_licenseAcquisitionUrl

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