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CYICreateDeleteViewRecycler Class Reference

Detailed Description

A simple IYIViewRecycler implementation that creates and deletes views.

#include <view/YiCreateDeleteViewRecycler.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual std::unique_ptr< CYISceneViewTakeView (const std::shared_ptr< CYIAssetViewTemplate > &pTemplate, CYISceneManager *pSceneManager, const CYIRuntimeTypeInfo *pViewClass=nullptr) override
virtual void RecycleView (std::unique_ptr< CYISceneView > pView) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IYIViewRecycler
virtual ~IYIViewRecycler ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ RecycleView()

virtual void CYICreateDeleteViewRecycler::RecycleView ( std::unique_ptr< CYISceneView pView)

Deletes pView.

Implements IYIViewRecycler.

Reimplemented in CYIPooledViewRecycler.

◆ TakeView()

virtual std::unique_ptr<CYISceneView> CYICreateDeleteViewRecycler::TakeView ( const std::shared_ptr< CYIAssetViewTemplate > &  pTemplate,
CYISceneManager pSceneManager,
const CYIRuntimeTypeInfo pViewClass = nullptr 

By default, the class name in pTemplate is used to determine which type of view to create. pViewClass can be specified to override the view template's class name. If neither a view template class name nor a view class is provided, a CYISceneView will be returned.

See also

Implements IYIViewRecycler.

Reimplemented in CYIPooledViewRecycler.

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