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CYIBitmapUtilitiesPNG Class Reference

Detailed Description

Utility class used to perform PNG image operations in software.

This header is part of the decoder-png optional module.
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#include <graphics/YiBitmapUtilitiesPNG.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool SavePNG (const CYIBitmap *pBitmap, const CYIString &filename)
static bool BitmapToPNG (const CYIBitmap *pBitmap, std::vector< uint8_t > *pOut)

Member Function Documentation

◆ BitmapToPNG()

static bool CYIBitmapUtilitiesPNG::BitmapToPNG ( const CYIBitmap pBitmap,
std::vector< uint8_t > *  pOut 

Converts pBitmap to a PNG vector.

Returns true if the conversion is successful. Returns false if pBitmap is not a 32-bit image or if the conversion fails.

◆ SavePNG()

static bool CYIBitmapUtilitiesPNG::SavePNG ( const CYIBitmap pBitmap,
const CYIString filename 

Save pBitmap to a file named filename. This function only works for 32-bit images.

Returns true if the file was successfully saved. Returns false if the saves fails. Returns false if pBitmap is not a 32-bit image.

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