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CYIAssetBif Class Reference

Detailed Description

Asset representing BIF files.

The asset class that wraps a BIF parsing class. Like most assets, this asset type can be unloaded by calling CYIAsset::Unload.

This header is part of the player-thumbnails optional module.

#include <asset/YiAssetBif.h>

Inheritance diagram for CYIAssetBif:

Public Member Functions

 CYIAssetBif ()
virtual ~CYIAssetBif ()
bool GetImageDataAtIndex (size_t index, std::vector< uint8_t > *pImageData)
size_t GetImageIndexAtTime (uint32_t time)
const std::shared_ptr< CYIBif > & GetBif ()
void SetBif (const std::shared_ptr< CYIBif > &pBifParser)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYIAsset
virtual ~CYIAsset ()
const CYIStringGetPath () const
CYIAssetLoadParamsGetLoadParameters () const
virtual std::pair< size_t, size_tGetApproximateSize () const
bool SetName (const CYIString &name)
const CYIStringGetName () const
bool Load ()
void Unload ()
bool IsLoaded () const
bool Equals (const std::shared_ptr< CYIAsset > &pAsset)
virtual bool Prepare ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnUnload () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CYIAsset
 CYIAsset ()
ssize_t GetID () const
void SetPath (const CYIString &path, PathType pathType)
void SetApproximateSize (size_t size)
void SetLoaded (bool assetLoaded)
void SetLoadParameters (std::unique_ptr< CYIAssetLoadParams > pParams)
virtual void OnLoad ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CYIAsset
enum  PathType {
  PathType::Absolute = 0,
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CYIAsset
static ssize_t INVALID_ID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYIAssetBif()

CYIAssetBif::CYIAssetBif ( )

◆ ~CYIAssetBif()

virtual CYIAssetBif::~CYIAssetBif ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBif()

const std::shared_ptr<CYIBif>& CYIAssetBif::GetBif ( )

Returns the BIF object held by the asset. The BIF parser will reload automatically reload if the asset has been unloaded.

◆ GetImageDataAtIndex()

bool CYIAssetBif::GetImageDataAtIndex ( size_t  index,
std::vector< uint8_t > *  pImageData 

Returns the the image data into pImageData at the specified index. It will return false if the image data failed to load. The BIF parser will reload automatically if the asset has been unloaded.

◆ GetImageIndexAtTime()

size_t CYIAssetBif::GetImageIndexAtTime ( uint32_t  time)

Returns the image index at the specified time. The BIF parser will reload automatically reload if the asset has been unloaded.

◆ OnUnload()

virtual void CYIAssetBif::OnUnload ( )

Reimplemented from CYIAsset.

◆ SetBif()

void CYIAssetBif::SetBif ( const std::shared_ptr< CYIBif > &  pBifParser)

Sets the current BIF parser.

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