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CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::TimedMetadataInterface Class Reference

Detailed Description

An interface which provides metadata information from the media.

Player implementations which provide metadata information from the stream implement this interface and return a pointer to the instance via GetTimedMetadataInterface.

#include <player/YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TimedMetadataInterface ()=default

Public Attributes

CYISignal< TimedMetadataMetadataAvailable

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~TimedMetadataInterface()

virtual CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::TimedMetadataInterface::~TimedMetadataInterface ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ MetadataAvailable

CYISignal<TimedMetadata> CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::TimedMetadataInterface::MetadataAvailable

Emitted when a new metadata item is available during playback of media. This signal will currently be emitted for in-stream ID3 metadata and DASH Inband/Out-of-band event messages.

The platforms which support DASH Event Message metadata are Android, UWP, PlayStation and BlueSky.

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