You.i Engine
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1 #ifndef _YI_ROKU_IAP_H_
2 #define _YI_ROKU_IAP_H_
4 #include "../YiCloudIAP.h"
19 {
20  int32_t status = -1;
24  virtual ~RokuChannelCred() = default;
25 };
31 {
43  virtual ~RokuUserAccount() = default;
44 };
46 // Returned from get available products
48 {
58  int32_t qty = 0;
59  int32_t freeTrialQuantity = 0;
60  int32_t trialQuantity = 0;
61  virtual ~RokuProduct() = default;
62 };
64 // Returned from get user purchases
66 {
71  int32_t freeTrialQuantity = 0;
76  int32_t qty = 0;
78  virtual ~RokuPurchase() = default;
79 };
81 // Returned from request a purchase
83 {
86  int32_t freeTrialQuantity = 0;
90  int32_t qty = 0;
92  virtual ~RokuReceipt() = default;
93 };
97 #endif
CYIString name
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:69
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:65
CYIString purchaseDate
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:57
CYIString total
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:91
Abstract structure describing the purchase transaction information.
Definition: YiCloudIAP.h:60
CYIString SDPosterUrl
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:52
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:47
Container class for Unicode strings. Conceptually, a CYIString object is a sequence of Unicode charac...
Definition: YiString.h:32
int32_t status
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:20
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:82
CYIString HDPosterUrl
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:53
CYIString description
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:51
CYIString amount
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:84
CYIString name
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:50
CYIString cost
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:68
CYIString productType
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:56
Abstract structure describing the product information.
Definition: YiCloudIAP.h:52
CYIString error
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:21
CYIString purchaseId
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:89
Structure describing the results of the Roku UserAccount request.
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:30
CYIString purchaseDate
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:74
CYIString state
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:37
CYIString freeTrialType
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:87
CYIString roku_pucid
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:22
CYIString zip
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:38
CYIString lastname
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:34
CYIString freeTrialType
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:55
Abstract structure describing the user information.
Definition: YiCloudIAP.h:44
Abstract structure describing the receipt information.
Definition: YiCloudIAP.h:68
Roku In App Purchase api - exposing access to the Roku channel store.
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:18
CYIString productType
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:73
CYIString channel_data
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:23
CYIString cost
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:54
CYIString renewalDate
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:77
CYIString country
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:39
CYIString code
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:49
CYIString email
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:32
CYIString code
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:67
CYIString productType
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:88
CYIString phone
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:40
CYIString expirationDate
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:70
Abstract structure describing the channel credentials.
Definition: YiCloudIAP.h:36
CYIString freeTrialType
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:72
virtual ~RokuChannelCred()=default
CYIString birth
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:41
CYIString purchaseId
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:75
CYIString city
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:36
CYIString firstname
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:33
CYIString gender
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:42
CYIString street
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:35
CYIString code
Definition: YiRokuIAP.h:85