You.i Engine
CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF Struct Reference

#include <scenetree/YiTextSceneNode.h>

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

CYIString m_text
size_t m_length
Justification m_XJustify
CYITextEngine::TrimmingMode m_trimmingMode
bool m_multiline
bool m_ellipses
int32_t m_numberOfLines
bool m_adjustsFontSizeToFit
float m_minimumFontScale
bool m_userSpecifiedWidth
std::vector< YI_TEXT_STYLE_DEFm_styles

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Member Data Documentation

◆ m_adjustsFontSizeToFit

bool CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_adjustsFontSizeToFit

Whether the text font should scale down to fit the box width and specified maximum number of lines.

◆ m_ellipses

bool CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_ellipses

Flag to indicate if the text should be ellipsized.

◆ m_length

size_t CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_length

Number of characters in text.

◆ m_minimumFontScale

float CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_minimumFontScale

Smallest possible scale a font can reach when adjustsFontSizeToFit is true.

◆ m_multiline

bool CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_multiline

Flag that indicates the text spans multiple lines.

◆ m_numberOfLines

int32_t CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_numberOfLines

◆ m_styles

std::vector<YI_TEXT_STYLE_DEF> CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_styles

List of styles definitions that will be applied to the text.

◆ m_text

CYIString CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_text

Text to be rendered.

◆ m_trimmingMode

CYITextEngine::TrimmingMode CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_trimmingMode

Whitespace trimming behavior

◆ m_userSpecifiedWidth

bool CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_userSpecifiedWidth

Internal flag.

◆ m_XJustify

Justification CYITextSceneNode::YI_TEXT_DEF::m_XJustify

Horizontal justification.

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