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YiIsSameType< FIRST, SECOND > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class FIRST, class SECOND>
struct YiIsSameType< FIRST, SECOND >

Template trait utility that checks if two types are identical. This trait can be used in templated functions and classes to perform static assertions, or in template specializations to enable/disable specific implementations.

CV qualifiers result in types being different. For example, 'const int' is considered to be a different type than 'int'.


template<typename T>
static bool IsCYIStringType()
return isSameType;

#include <utility/YiTypeTraits.h>

Static Public Attributes

static const bool value

Member Data Documentation

◆ value

template<class FIRST , class SECOND >
const bool YiIsSameType< FIRST, SECOND >::value

The result of the comparison. The value token will have a value of either true or false.

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