You.i Engine
CYITransformComponent Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A minimal transform component.

Alternate transform components may be based on this struct.

#include <scenetree/YiTransformComponent.h>

Public Attributes

bool isRotated
bool isOriented
glm::vec3 position
glm::vec3 rotation
glm::vec3 scale
glm::vec3 anchorPoint
glm::quat orientation
CYIComponentPoolUID parentID
uint32_t childCount
glm::mat4x4 local
glm::mat4x4 world

Member Data Documentation

◆ anchorPoint

glm::vec3 CYITransformComponent::anchorPoint

◆ childCount

uint32_t CYITransformComponent::childCount

◆ isOriented

bool CYITransformComponent::isOriented

◆ isRotated

bool CYITransformComponent::isRotated

◆ local

glm::mat4x4 CYITransformComponent::local

◆ orientation

glm::quat CYITransformComponent::orientation

◆ parentID

CYIComponentPoolUID CYITransformComponent::parentID

◆ position

glm::vec3 CYITransformComponent::position

◆ rotation

glm::vec3 CYITransformComponent::rotation

◆ scale

glm::vec3 CYITransformComponent::scale

◆ world

glm::mat4x4 CYITransformComponent::world

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