You.i Engine

Detailed Description

A structure describing the binding of an attribute to the buffer data.

A binding requires:

The bufferIndex of a bound buffer. The attribute location to which the data will be bound. The numElements contained in the attribute to be bound. This value should be between 1 and 4. The stride in bytes between vertex elements (0 meaning tightly packed). The byteOffset into the buffer at which the data begins.

#include <renderer/YiMesh.h>

Public Attributes

size_t bufferIndex
uint32_t attribute
uint32_t numElements
uint32_t stride
uint32_t byteOffset

Member Data Documentation

◆ attribute

uint32_t CYIMesh::YI_ATTRIBUTE_BINDING::attribute

◆ bufferIndex

size_t CYIMesh::YI_ATTRIBUTE_BINDING::bufferIndex

◆ byteOffset

uint32_t CYIMesh::YI_ATTRIBUTE_BINDING::byteOffset

◆ numElements

uint32_t CYIMesh::YI_ATTRIBUTE_BINDING::numElements

◆ stride

uint32_t CYIMesh::YI_ATTRIBUTE_BINDING::stride

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