You.i Engine
yi::deprecated Namespace Reference

Deprecated classes. More...


class  CYIAutoProfiler
 An RAII class that starts a profiler when created, and stops it when destroyed. More...
class  CYIAutoSpinLock
 The CYIAutoSpinLock is a helper class that simplifies the locking and unlocking of spin locks based on the RAII principle. More...
class  CYIFileWatcher
 Monitor one or more directories for changes in their files. More...
class  CYIStreamedItem
class  CYIStreamer
 This class provides a mechanism whereby items in a list can be removed and inserted back into the list automatically based on a numerical range or through a maximum number of items. More...


typedef int32_t YI_FILEWATCHID
typedef uint8_t YI_UINT8
typedef int8_t YI_INT8
typedef uint16_t YI_UINT16
typedef int16_t YI_INT16
typedef uint32_t YI_UINT32
typedef int32_t YI_INT32
typedef uint64_t YI_UINT64
typedef int64_t YI_INT64
typedef float YI_FLOAT
typedef double YI_DOUBLE
typedef ssize_t YI_UID
typedef wchar_t YI_WCHAR
typedef char YI_CHAR
typedef char16_t YI_CHAR16
typedef char32_t YI_CHAR32
typedef intptr_t YI_INTPTR
typedef uintptr_t YI_UINTPTR
typedef size_t YI_SIZE
typedef ssize_t YI_SSIZE

Detailed Description

Deprecated classes.

This namespace contains classes that have been deprecated. These classes may be removed without notice in a future release.

Typedef Documentation


The file watch ID type used for managing files watches.