You.i Engine
YiRootViewController Class Reference

Detailed Description

The view controller under which all You.i Engine views are located.

A typical You.i Engine video application will contain several platform views.

The user may insert, modify, or re-order these views at their own discretion. Some ordering is assumed and should be upheld, such as that the player surface is immediately behind the renderSurfaceView, and the web view should be on top.

#import <apple/YiRootViewController.h>

Inheritance diagram for YiRootViewController:

Instance Methods

(void) - loadView
(void) - updateSize

Class Methods

(YiRootViewController *) + sharedInstance


UIView * statusBarBackgroundView
GLKView * renderSurfaceView
UIViewController * renderSurfaceViewController

Method Documentation

◆ loadView()

- (void) loadView

◆ sharedInstance()

+ (YiRootViewController *) sharedInstance

◆ updateSize()

- (void) updateSize

Property Documentation

◆ renderSurfaceView

- (GLKView*) renderSurfaceView

This is the You.i Engine OpenGL view into which the application renders.

◆ renderSurfaceViewController

- (UIViewController*) renderSurfaceViewController

This is the You.i Engine OpenGL view controller.

◆ statusBarBackgroundView

- (UIView*) statusBarBackgroundView

The status bar background color is managed by this view.

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