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CYIStringCXUtilities Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class containing utilities to convert between CYIString objects and WinRT string classes.

Functions from this class are only available when using C++/CX.

#include <utility/YiStringCXUtilities.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static Platform::String ToPlatformString (CYIStringView toConvert)
static CYIString FromPlatformString (Platform::String ^ toConvert)
static Windows::Storage::Streams::IBuffer ToBuffer (CYIStringView toConvert)
static CYIString FromBuffer (Windows::Storage::Streams::IBuffer ^ toConvert, Windows::Security::Cryptography::BinaryStringEncoding encoding=Windows::Security::Cryptography::BinaryStringEncoding::Utf8)

Member Function Documentation

◆ FromBuffer()

static CYIString CYIStringCXUtilities::FromBuffer ( Windows::Storage::Streams::IBuffer ^  toConvert,
Windows::Security::Cryptography::BinaryStringEncoding  encoding = Windows::Security::Cryptography::BinaryStringEncoding::Utf8 

Converts the buffer toConvert to a CYIString object. The source encoding is assumed to be UTF-8, but can be modified by providing a value for encoding.

◆ FromPlatformString()

static CYIString CYIStringCXUtilities::FromPlatformString ( Platform::String ^  toConvert)

Converts the Platform::String toConvert to a CYIString object.

◆ ToBuffer()

static Windows::Storage::Streams::IBuffer CYIStringCXUtilities::ToBuffer ( CYIStringView  toConvert)

Converts the string view toConvert to an IBuffer object.

◆ ToPlatformString()

static Platform::String CYIStringCXUtilities::ToPlatformString ( CYIStringView  toConvert)

Converts the string view toConvert to a Platform::String object.

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