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CYISpeechSynthesizer Class Reference

Detailed Description

Provides text-to-speech functionality using the underlying platform's technology.

The CYISpeechSynthesizer takes an Utterance object as input and converts associated text to audible speech on the output device.

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#include <audio/YiSpeechSynthesizer.h>


struct  ErrorInfo
 Provides specific information about an error encountered when sending an CYISpeechSynthesizer::Utterance to the audio device. More...
class  IAdvancedSynthesizer
 Provides text-to-speech functionality that can be monitored and cancelled. More...
class  Utterance
 Provides information about a specific phrase of text that can be used to send speech to the audio device using CYISpeechSynthesizer. More...

Public Member Functions

 ~CYISpeechSynthesizer ()
void Speak (const std::shared_ptr< Utterance > &pUtterance)
IAdvancedSynthesizerGetAdvancedSynthesizerInterface () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CYISpeechSynthesizer()

CYISpeechSynthesizer::~CYISpeechSynthesizer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAdvancedSynthesizerInterface()

IAdvancedSynthesizer* CYISpeechSynthesizer::GetAdvancedSynthesizerInterface ( ) const

Returns an advanced speech interface that supports monitoring and cancellation. Returns null if the interface is not supported by the current platform.

◆ Speak()

void CYISpeechSynthesizer::Speak ( const std::shared_ptr< Utterance > &  pUtterance)

Sends a specific Utterance as speech to the device's audio output.

Sending an Utterance while another is in progress may result in interruption or system queueing behaviour depending on the platform.
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