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CYIObjectPrinter Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class used to get the string representation of an object or of a complex type.

A single function is provided, ToString(), with multiple implementations. How an object is converted depends on its type. Pointers are dereferenced prior to conversion, and containers are recursed into. The output format resembles JSON, but does not fully meet the JSON specifications. The following table lists the various supported types and a sample output.

Type Output Examples
bool true or false true, false
numeric The string representation of the number, as provided by operator<<. 0, 42.5, -123
char, char32_t The decimal representation of the character. 0, 9, 255, 128513
CYIString, std::string or const char* The string enclosed by quotes. "foo", "Hello world!", "", null
std::list, std::vector, std::deque, std::set, std::multiset An 'array' representation of the container. Each element is converted using the ToString function. [42, 12, 64], ["foo"], []
std::map, std::multimap A key-value representation of the container. Each key and value is converted using the ToString function. {"foo" : 42, "bar" : 12}, {12 : "bar"}, {}
T*, std::shared_ptr, std::unique_ptr, std::weak_ptr The dereferenced value of the pointer, or null if the pointer is null. [42], *["foo"], null
void The string representation of a void pointer, or null if the pointer is null. *[void], null
CYIAny The string representation of the object as returned by CYIAny::ToString, surrounded by angled brackets. <42>, <"foo">, <(empty)>
any type that implements operator<< The output of the operator<< when used with an std::ostringstream. foobar, 12-51, >>myClass
any other type Other types cannot be converted and display an error message. (type has no operator<<)

The ToString function of this class differs from CYIString::FromValue<T> in two important ways. First, the CYIString::FromValue<T> relies solely on the operator<< function of types (and thus does not recurse into containers and pointers). Second, the CYIString::FromValue<T> function will generate a compilation error if the type of its argument does not implement operator<<. The ToString function of this class is for use with objects of unknown types, and is used mostly for debugging.

No escaping of characters is performed during conversion to string. Thus, a string containing a single double quote would be displayed as """.
Attempting to convert an object that contains 'cycles' due to raw or smart pointers will result in the text *[CYCLE DETECTED] being inserted somewhere in the returned string.

Usage example:

std::vector<uint32_t> values;
See also

#include <utility/YiObjectPrinter.h>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename TYPE >
static CYIString ToString (const TYPE &object)

Member Function Documentation

◆ ToString()

template<typename TYPE >
static CYIString CYIObjectPrinter::ToString ( const TYPE &  object)

Converts object to a CYIString object. See CYIObjectPrinter for details on how different types are converted.

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