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CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter Class Reference

Detailed Description

An CYINodeAdapter implementation that delegates its responsibilities to a CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::Delegate implementation.

CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter allows the extension of existing classes, such as a CYIAbstractScreenViewController subclass, with CYINodeAdapter responsibilities. The adapter does not take ownership of the delegate and so the delegate may be re-used across adapter instances.

In order to make use of this adapter, extend CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::Delegate and construct this adapter with the delegate implementation.

#include <streamer/YiDelegatingNodeAdapter.h>

Inheritance diagram for CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter:


class  Delegate

Public Member Functions

 CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter (Delegate *pDelegate)
virtual ~CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter ()
DelegateGetDelegate () const
virtual size_t GetItemsCount () const override
virtual glm::vec3 GetInitialNodeSize (size_t index) const override
virtual std::unique_ptr< CYISceneNodeBuildNode (size_t index, CYISceneManager *pSceneManager) override
virtual void ReleaseNode (size_t index, std::unique_ptr< CYISceneNode > pNode) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYINodeAdapter
 CYINodeAdapter ()
virtual ~CYINodeAdapter ()
virtual void ConfigureProperties (size_t index, CYISceneNode *pNode) const
IYIPropertiesSourceGetProperties (const CYIString &viewTemplateName) const
void SetProperties (const std::map< CYIString, IYIPropertiesSource *> &properties)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CYINodeAdapter
CYISignal< size_tItemAddedAtIndex
CYISignal< size_tItemRemovedAtIndex
CYISignal< size_t, size_tItemMoved

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter()

CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter ( Delegate pDelegate)

Creates a new delegate adapter using delegate pDelegate. pDelegate must be non-null. The created object does not take ownership of the provided pointer.

◆ ~CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter()

virtual CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::~CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildNode()

virtual std::unique_ptr<CYISceneNode> CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::BuildNode ( size_t  index,
CYISceneManager pSceneManager 

Override to provide the node representing the visual subtree at 0-based index. This may be a newly constructed CYISceneNode or one that is recycled, so long as it is fully initialized. The same CYISceneNode may not be re-used until CYINodeAdapter::ReleaseNode is called at which point the implementation is free to deallocate or recycle the node.

See also

Implements CYINodeAdapter.

◆ GetDelegate()

Delegate* CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::GetDelegate ( ) const

Returns the delegate assigned to this adapter.

◆ GetInitialNodeSize()

virtual glm::vec3 CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::GetInitialNodeSize ( size_t  index) const

Override to return the initial node size for 0-based adapter index index. This is only used when items are initially added and does not need to reflect changes in size.

Implements CYINodeAdapter.

◆ GetItemsCount()

virtual size_t CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::GetItemsCount ( ) const

Returns the number of items managed by this adapter. This may be queried throughout the lifetime of the adapter and must report the correct value as items are added and removed. The number of items will be used to produce the 0-based consecutive indices. Indices may be invalidated when the number of items have changed and may no longer correspond to the same visual representations.

See also

Implements CYINodeAdapter.

◆ ReleaseNode()

virtual void CYIDelegatingNodeAdapter::ReleaseNode ( size_t  index,
std::unique_ptr< CYISceneNode pNode 

Override to reclaim ownership of pNode, which represents the visual subtree at index. pNode may be recycled or destroyed.

By the time ReleaseNode has been called the node has already been detached from the scene tree.
See also

Implements CYINodeAdapter.

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