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CYICryptoUtility::HashBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

A utility class to calculate a hash using one or more sets of bytes. Sample usage:

hasher.HashBytes("My Header");
CYIString hash = hasher.Finalize();

#include <utility/YiCryptoUtility.h>

Public Member Functions

void HashBytes (CYIStringView bytes)
CYIString Finalize ()


class CYICryptoUtility

Member Function Documentation

◆ Finalize()

CYIString CYICryptoUtility::HashBuilder::Finalize ( )

Finalizes the hash and returns the hexadecimal representation of the calculated hash.

This function must not be called multiple times.

◆ HashBytes()

void CYICryptoUtility::HashBuilder::HashBytes ( CYIStringView  bytes)

Hashes additional bytes. This function may be called multiple times.

This function must not be called after Finalize() has been called.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CYICryptoUtility

friend class CYICryptoUtility

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