You.i Engine
CYICanvas Class Reference

Detailed Description

Draws vector graphics to a bitmap.

#include <graphics/YiCanvas.h>

Public Member Functions

 CYICanvas ()
virtual ~CYICanvas ()
void SetBitmap (CYIBitmap *pBitmap)
void DrawPath (const CYIPath *pPath, const CYIPaint &paint)
void DrawColor (const CYIColor &clr)
void SetMatrix (const glm::mat3x3 &matrix)
const glm::mat3x3 & GetMatrix () const
void Translate (const glm::vec2 &translate)
void Scale (const glm::vec2 &scale)
void Rotate (float rotation)

Protected Member Functions

void TransformPolygonData (const CYIPolygonData &polygonDataIn, CYIPolygonData *pPolygonDataOut)

Protected Attributes

glm::mat3x3 m_Matrix
std::unique_ptr< CYIPolygonFillm_pPolygonFill

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYICanvas()

CYICanvas::CYICanvas ( )

◆ ~CYICanvas()

virtual CYICanvas::~CYICanvas ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawColor()

void CYICanvas::DrawColor ( const CYIColor clr)

Draws the entire buffer with a given color.

◆ DrawPath()

void CYICanvas::DrawPath ( const CYIPath pPath,
const CYIPaint paint 

Draws a path with the given paint.

◆ GetMatrix()

const glm::mat3x3& CYICanvas::GetMatrix ( ) const

Get current transform matrix.

◆ Rotate()

void CYICanvas::Rotate ( float  rotation)

Apply rotation (degrees) to matrix.

◆ Scale()

void CYICanvas::Scale ( const glm::vec2 &  scale)

Apply scale to matrix.

◆ SetBitmap()

void CYICanvas::SetBitmap ( CYIBitmap pBitmap)

Sets the current destination buffer.

This object does not take ownership of the provided pointer.

◆ SetMatrix()

void CYICanvas::SetMatrix ( const glm::mat3x3 &  matrix)

Set entirely new matrix.

◆ TransformPolygonData()

void CYICanvas::TransformPolygonData ( const CYIPolygonData polygonDataIn,
CYIPolygonData pPolygonDataOut 

◆ Translate()

void CYICanvas::Translate ( const glm::vec2 &  translate)

Apply translate to matrix.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Matrix

glm::mat3x3 CYICanvas::m_Matrix

◆ m_pBitmap

CYIBitmap* CYICanvas::m_pBitmap

◆ m_pPolygonFill

std::unique_ptr<CYIPolygonFill> CYICanvas::m_pPolygonFill

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