You.i Engine
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1 // © You i Labs Inc. 2000-2020. All rights reserved.
13 {
14 public:
16  virtual ~CYIVestelVideoPlayer();
18  virtual CYIString GetName_() const override;
19  virtual CYIString GetVersion_() const override;
20  virtual Statistics GetStatistics_() const override;
21  virtual bool SupportsFormat_(StreamingFormat eFormat, DRMScheme eDRMScheme) const override;
22  virtual std::unique_ptr<CYIVideoSurface> CreateSurface_() override;
23  virtual void Prepare_(const CYIUrl &videoURI, StreamingFormat eFormatHint) override;
24  virtual void Play_() override;
25  virtual void Pause_() override;
26  virtual void Stop_() override;
27  virtual std::vector<CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::SeekableRange> GetLiveSeekableRanges_() const override;
28  virtual uint64_t GetDurationMs_() const override;
29  virtual uint64_t GetCurrentTimeMs_() const override;
30  virtual void Seek_(uint64_t uSeekPositionMS) override;
32  virtual bool IsMuted_() const override;
33  virtual void Mute_(bool bMute) override;
34  virtual bool SelectAudioTrack_(uint32_t uID) override;
36  virtual std::vector<CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::AudioTrackInfo> GetAudioTracks_() const override;
38  virtual void DisableClosedCaptions_() override;
39  virtual bool SelectClosedCaptionsTrack_(uint32_t uID) override;
40  virtual std::vector<ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo> GetClosedCaptionsTracks_() const override;
43  virtual void SetMaxBitrate_(uint64_t uMaxBitrate) override;
44  virtual void SetUserAgent_(const CYIString &userAgent) override;
45 };
51 #endif
virtual void Stop_() override
virtual void Play_() override
virtual bool IsMuted_() const override
virtual std::unique_ptr< CYIVideoSurface > CreateSurface_() override
Definition: YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h:203
Container class for Unicode strings. Conceptually, a CYIString object is a sequence of Unicode charac...
Definition: YiString.h:36
virtual void Prepare_(const CYIUrl &videoURI, StreamingFormat eFormatHint) override
virtual void SetMaxBitrate_(uint64_t uMaxBitrate) override
virtual void Mute_(bool bMute) override
virtual std::vector< CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::SeekableRange > GetLiveSeekableRanges_() const override
virtual bool SupportsFormat_(StreamingFormat eFormat, DRMScheme eDRMScheme) const override
virtual CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo GetActiveClosedCaptionsTrack_() const override
virtual Statistics GetStatistics_() const override
virtual void Seek_(uint64_t uSeekPositionMS) override
An abstract video player that provides a basic interface that all subclasses must implement...
Definition: YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h:56
virtual uint64_t GetDurationMs_() const override
virtual bool SelectClosedCaptionsTrack_(uint32_t uID) override
virtual void DisableClosedCaptions_() override
A class used to encapsulate an URL.
Definition: YiUrl.h:24
Definition: YiVestelVideoPlayer.h:12
virtual CYIString GetVersion_() const override
Definition: YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h:103
Definition: YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h:574
virtual ~CYIVestelVideoPlayer()
virtual void SetUserAgent_(const CYIString &userAgent) override
virtual void Pause_() override
virtual std::vector< ClosedCaptionsTrackInfo > GetClosedCaptionsTracks_() const override
virtual uint64_t GetCurrentTimeMs_() const override
virtual std::vector< CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::AudioTrackInfo > GetAudioTracks_() const override
virtual CYIString GetName_() const override
Definition: YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h:116
virtual CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::AudioTrackInfo GetActiveAudioTrack_() const override
Definition: YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h:227
virtual bool SelectAudioTrack_(uint32_t uID) override