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YiIsVoid< Type > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Type>
struct YiIsVoid< Type >

Template trait utility that checks if the provided type is void. This trait can be used in templated functions and classes to perform static assertions, or in template specializations to enable/disable specific implementations.

CV qualifiers are ignored. 'void', 'const void', 'volatile void' and 'const volatile void' are all considered to be void.
Pointer and reference qualifiers are not ignored. 'void*' and 'void&' are not considered to be void.


template<typename T>
static bool IsCYIStringType()
return isSameType;

#include <utility/YiTypeTraits.h>

Static Public Attributes

static const bool value

Member Data Documentation

◆ value

template<typename Type >
const bool YiIsVoid< Type >::value

The result of the check. The value token will have a value of either true or false.

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