You.i Engine
CYITimelineKeyTime::KEYTIME_SETUP Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Container of configuration values which are used to initialize the keytime.

#include <animation/YiTimelineKeyTime.h>

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

InterpolationType interpolationType
uint32_t time
CYIVariant value
std::vector< EASEeaseValues
SPATIAL_EASE spatialEaseIn
SPATIAL_EASE spatialEaseOut

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Member Data Documentation

◆ easeValues

std::vector<EASE> CYITimelineKeyTime::KEYTIME_SETUP::easeValues

The ease values for the keytime.

This vector is limited to a size of MAX_EASE_DIMENSIONS.
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◆ interpolationType

InterpolationType CYITimelineKeyTime::KEYTIME_SETUP::interpolationType

Interpolation type of the keytime.

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◆ spatialEaseIn


The spatial ease values coming into the keytime.

◆ spatialEaseOut

SPATIAL_EASE CYITimelineKeyTime::KEYTIME_SETUP::spatialEaseOut

The spatial ease values coming out of the keytime.

◆ time

uint32_t CYITimelineKeyTime::KEYTIME_SETUP::time

The duration of the keytime, in milliseconds.

◆ value

CYIVariant CYITimelineKeyTime::KEYTIME_SETUP::value

The value of the keytime. This represents the value of the property at this keytime.

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