You.i Engine
CYISurfaceConfigD3D11 Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Surface configuration for D3D 11 to be used as the pDevicePrivate of a CYISurface::Config on D3D11 platforms.

CYISurface::Config::pDevicePrivate must be set to a populated version of this structure when calling CYISurface::New on platforms built with D3D11 rendering.

#include <renderer/YiSurfaceConfigD3D11.h>

Public Attributes

bool createSwapChainForComposition
HWND CoreWindow

Member Data Documentation

◆ CoreWindow

HWND CYISurfaceConfigD3D11::CoreWindow

Contains a handle to the core window within which the application resides.

◆ createSwapChainForComposition

bool CYISurfaceConfigD3D11::createSwapChainForComposition

If true, the D3D11 swap chain will be constructed for use with Windows::UI::Composition.

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