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CYISwipeGestureEvent Class Reference

Detailed Description

Swipe gesture event.

Swipe gestures are a specialization of CYIGestureEvent.

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#include <event/YiSwipeGestureEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for CYISwipeGestureEvent:

Public Types

enum  Direction {
- Public Types inherited from CYIGestureEvent
enum  State {
- Public Types inherited from CYIActionEvent
enum  ButtonType : uint8_t {
  ButtonType::Left = 0,
- Public Types inherited from CYIEvent
enum  Type : uint8_t {
  Type::None = 0,
 The event type of the CYIEvent class instance. More...
enum  Phase : uint8_t {
  Phase::None = 0,
 The current processing phase of the event. More...
enum  Priority {
  Priority::Highest = 2,
  Priority::High = 1,
  Priority::Normal = 0,
  Priority::Low = -1,
  Priority::Lowest = -2,
  Priority::Default = Normal
 Priority of the event in the event queue. More...

Public Member Functions

 CYISwipeGestureEvent (CYIEvent::Type eventType)
 CYISwipeGestureEvent (const CYISwipeGestureEvent &other)=default
virtual std::unique_ptr< CYIEventClone () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYIGestureEvent
 CYIGestureEvent (CYIEvent::Type eventType)
 CYIGestureEvent (const CYIGestureEvent &other)=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYIActionEvent
 CYIActionEvent (CYIEvent::Type eventType)
 CYIActionEvent (const CYIActionEvent &rOther)=default
virtual ~CYIActionEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYIEvent
 CYIEvent (CYIEvent::Type eventType)
 CYIEvent (const CYIEvent &rOther)
virtual ~CYIEvent ()
const CYIStringGetName () const
CYIEvent::Type GetType () const
void SetType (CYIEvent::Type eventType)
bool IsActionEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYIActionEventCloneAsActionEvent () const
bool IsKeyEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYIKeyEventCloneAsKeyEvent () const
bool IsFocusEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYIFocusEventCloneAsFocusEvent () const
bool IsTrackpadEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYITrackpadEventCloneAsTrackpadEvent () const
bool IsAccessibilityEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYIAccessibilityEventCloneAsAccessibilityEvent () const
bool IsGestureEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYIGestureEventCloneAsGestureEvent () const
bool IsSwipeGestureEvent () const
bool IsScrubGestureEvent () const
std::unique_ptr< CYISwipeGestureEventCloneAsSwipeGestureEvent () const
void SetTarget (const CYIEventTarget *pTarget)
const std::shared_ptr< CYIEventTargetProxy > & GetTargetProxy () const

Public Attributes

Direction m_direction
- Public Attributes inherited from CYIGestureEvent
State m_state
uint32_t m_numberOfFingers
- Public Attributes inherited from CYIActionEvent
int32_t m_x
int32_t m_y
int32_t m_flippedY
int32_t m_wheelDelta
ButtonType m_button
bool m_isHoverType
uint8_t m_pointerID
CYIRay m_Ray
glm::vec3 m_localSpaceLocation
- Public Attributes inherited from CYIEvent
uint64_t m_eventTimeMs
Phase m_phase
bool m_canCancel
bool m_canBubble
bool m_canCapture
bool m_stopPropagation
bool m_handled

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Direction


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYISwipeGestureEvent() [1/2]

CYISwipeGestureEvent::CYISwipeGestureEvent ( CYIEvent::Type  eventType)

◆ CYISwipeGestureEvent() [2/2]

CYISwipeGestureEvent::CYISwipeGestureEvent ( const CYISwipeGestureEvent other)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

virtual std::unique_ptr<CYIEvent> CYISwipeGestureEvent::Clone ( ) const

Reimplemented from CYIGestureEvent.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_direction

Direction CYISwipeGestureEvent::m_direction

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