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CYISSLRootCertificateProvider Class Reference

Detailed Description

Provides SSL root certificate information.

The SSL root certification information is provided in two ways:

  1. The CYISSLRootCertificateProvider will query the system root certificate store to obtain the default root certificates for the system. This is currently only supported on the PS4 and UWP platforms.
  2. The path to a SSL root certificate bundle in PEM format can be specified. For platforms which do not support querying the system root certificate store this path must be set for SSL communication to succeed.

This provider will be used by CYITCPSecureSocket, CYIWebSocket and CYIHTTPService when SSL communcation is required.

The SSL root certificate bundle specified by path will take precedence over the system root certificates.

#include <network/YiSSLRootCertificateProvider.h>


struct  Certificate

Public Types

enum  CertificateFormat {

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CYISSLRootCertificateProvider ()
void SetRootCertificateBundleFilePath (const CYIString &rFilePath)
const CYIStringGetRootCertificateBundleFilePath () const
const std::vector< Certificate > & GetSystemRootCertificates () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CYISSLRootCertificateProviderGetInstance ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ CertificateFormat

The format of the root certificate contained in the root certificate.

See also

The root certificate is in PEM format.


The root certificate is in encoded X509 format.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CYISSLRootCertificateProvider()

virtual CYISSLRootCertificateProvider::~CYISSLRootCertificateProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetInstance()

static CYISSLRootCertificateProvider* CYISSLRootCertificateProvider::GetInstance ( )

◆ GetRootCertificateBundleFilePath()

const CYIString& CYISSLRootCertificateProvider::GetRootCertificateBundleFilePath ( ) const

Returns the file path to the SSL root certificate bundle.

See also

◆ GetSystemRootCertificates()

const std::vector<Certificate>& CYISSLRootCertificateProvider::GetSystemRootCertificates ( ) const

Returns the SSL root certificates that were loaded from the system root certificate store.

If a SSL root certificate bundle is set via SetRootCertificateBundleFilePath these certificates will not be used.

◆ SetRootCertificateBundleFilePath()

void CYISSLRootCertificateProvider::SetRootCertificateBundleFilePath ( const CYIString rFilePath)

Sets the file path to the SSL root certificate bundle to be used by the CYISSLRootCertificateProvider. This SSL root certificate bundle must be in PEM format.

When set this root certificate bundle will take precedence over the system root certificates.

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