You.i Engine
CYINetworkConfigurationPS4 Class Reference

Detailed Description

CYINetworkConfigurationPS4 is a data structure that describes the properties of the You.i Engine network components on PlayStation 4.

Default values: Lib HTTP size: 256 * 1024 bytes SSL pool size: 1024 * 1024 bytes Net heap size: 64 * 1024 bytes

#include <network/YiNetworkConfigurationPS4.h>

Inheritance diagram for CYINetworkConfigurationPS4:

Public Member Functions

 CYINetworkConfigurationPS4 ()
virtual ~CYINetworkConfigurationPS4 ()
void SetHTTPLibPoolSize (const uint32_t bytes)
void SetSSLPoolSize (const uint32_t bytes)
void SetNetHeapSize (const uint32_t bytes)
uint32_t GetHTTPLibPoolSize () const
uint32_t GetSSLPoolSize () const
uint32_t GetNetHeapSize () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CYINetworkConfiguration
 CYINetworkConfiguration ()
virtual ~CYINetworkConfiguration ()
void SetResponseCacheSize (size_t bytes)
void SetPersistentCacheSize (size_t bytes)
void SetHeuristicCacheExpirationEnabled (bool enable)
size_t GetResponseCacheSize () const
size_t GetPersistentCacheSize () const
CYIString GetPersistentCachePath () const
bool IsHeuristicCacheExpirationEnabled () const
void SetEnableCookieHandling (bool enableCookieHandling)
bool IsCookieHandlingEnabled () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CYINetworkConfigurationPS4()

CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::CYINetworkConfigurationPS4 ( )

◆ ~CYINetworkConfigurationPS4()

virtual CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::~CYINetworkConfigurationPS4 ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetHTTPLibPoolSize()

uint32_t CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::GetHTTPLibPoolSize ( ) const

The size in bytes of the HTTP library pool. Default is 256 * 1024.

◆ GetNetHeapSize()

uint32_t CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::GetNetHeapSize ( ) const

The size in bytes of the net heap. Default is 64 * 1024.

◆ GetSSLPoolSize()

uint32_t CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::GetSSLPoolSize ( ) const

The size in bytes of the SSL pool. Default is 1024 * 1024.

◆ SetHTTPLibPoolSize()

void CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::SetHTTPLibPoolSize ( const uint32_t  bytes)

The size in bytes of the HTTP library pool.

◆ SetNetHeapSize()

void CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::SetNetHeapSize ( const uint32_t  bytes)

The size in bytes of the Net heap.

◆ SetSSLPoolSize()

void CYINetworkConfigurationPS4::SetSSLPoolSize ( const uint32_t  bytes)

The size in bytes of the SSL pool.

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