You.i Engine
CYIMatrixUtilities Class Reference

#include <utility/YiMatrixUtilities.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static glm::vec3 TransformVector (const glm::mat4 &rMat4x4, const glm::vec3 &rV)
static glm::vec3 ProjectVector (const glm::vec3 &A, const glm::vec3 &normalizedB)
template<typename valType >
static bool SafeInverse (glm::tmat4x4< valType > const &m, glm::tmat4x4< valType > &mOut)

Member Function Documentation

◆ SafeInverse()

template<typename valType >
static bool CYIMatrixUtilities::SafeInverse ( glm::tmat4x4< valType > const &  m,
glm::tmat4x4< valType > &  mOut 

Performs a 'safe' inverse of the matrix m, writing to the output matrix mOut. Returns false if the inverse could not be performed (due to a 0 determinant).

This is based on glm's inverse function.

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