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CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class used to hold a size constraint for a specific dimension.

A size constraint is used to limit how large (or small) an object can be, as well as to provide a default size. Flags can also be used to indicate that the object's size should be that of its parent (for example fill its parent), or that the object's size should depend on its children (for example fit its content).

Values of -1.0 are used in the floating-point values to indicate 'none specified', which is the default for all floating-point values in this class. Any other negative value is not supported.

#include <layout/YiLayoutConfig.h>

Public Member Functions

 SizeConstraint ()

Public Attributes

float minimum
float preferred
float maximum
bool fillParent
bool fitContent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SizeConstraint()

CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint::SizeConstraint ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ fillParent

bool CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint::fillParent

◆ fitContent

bool CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint::fitContent

◆ maximum

float CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint::maximum

◆ minimum

float CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint::minimum

◆ preferred

float CYILayoutConfig::SizeConstraint::preferred

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