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CYIAppContext Class Reference

Detailed Description

Holds on to Surface and Screen that is given to us by the framework. CYIApp will receive updates to these parameters, will do necessary updates to all the components in the system, and will update CYIAppContext for all components on the system to be able to query from

#include <framework/YiAppContext.h>

Public Member Functions

 ~CYIAppContext ()
CYISurfaceGetSurface ()
CYIScreenGetScreen ()
CYIAppGetApp ()
void SetApp (CYIApp *pApp)
void SetSurface (CYISurface *pSurface)
void SetScreen (CYIScreen *pScreen)
bool IsSurfaceUndefined () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CYIAppContextGetInstance ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CYIAppContext()

CYIAppContext::~CYIAppContext ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetApp()

CYIApp* CYIAppContext::GetApp ( )

Returns the application object

◆ GetInstance()

static CYIAppContext* CYIAppContext::GetInstance ( )

◆ GetScreen()

CYIScreen* CYIAppContext::GetScreen ( )

Returns the active screen

◆ GetSurface()

CYISurface* CYIAppContext::GetSurface ( )

Returns the active surface

◆ IsSurfaceUndefined()

bool CYIAppContext::IsSurfaceUndefined ( ) const

◆ SetApp()

void CYIAppContext::SetApp ( CYIApp pApp)

Set the application object

◆ SetScreen()

void CYIAppContext::SetScreen ( CYIScreen pScreen)

Updates the platform-specific screen

◆ SetSurface()

void CYIAppContext::SetSurface ( CYISurface pSurface)

Updates the platform-specific surface

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