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CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Interface containing functionality related to setting custom HTTP headers for video requests.

Player implementations which support setting custom HTTP headers in video requests implement this interface and return a pointer to the instance via GetVideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface.

The headers set through this interface do not affect DRM requests. The headers for DRM requests are handled by some DRM configurations, such as in
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#include <player/YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface ()=default
virtual std::vector< CYIHTTPHeaderSetHeaders (const std::vector< CYIHTTPHeader > &customHeaders)=0
virtual bool AddHeader (const CYIHTTPHeader &header)=0
virtual bool RemoveHeader (const CYIString &name)=0
virtual void ClearHeaders ()=0
virtual std::vector< CYIHTTPHeaderGetHeaders () const =0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface()

virtual CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface::~VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddHeader()

virtual bool CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface::AddHeader ( const CYIHTTPHeader header)
pure virtual

Adds a custom header, to be used in video request HTTP calls. Overwrites any existing headers with the same name. Returns true if the header is successfuly set, and false otherwise.

◆ ClearHeaders()

virtual void CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface::ClearHeaders ( )
pure virtual

Removes all custom headers.

◆ GetHeaders()

virtual std::vector<CYIHTTPHeader> CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface::GetHeaders ( ) const
pure virtual

Gets the custom HTTP headers currently set to be included in video requests.

◆ RemoveHeader()

virtual bool CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface::RemoveHeader ( const CYIString name)
pure virtual

Removes the custom header matching the given name. Returns true if the header was successfully removed and false otherwise.

◆ SetHeaders()

virtual std::vector<CYIHTTPHeader> CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::VideoRequestHTTPHeadersInterface::SetHeaders ( const std::vector< CYIHTTPHeader > &  customHeaders)
pure virtual

Sets the custom HTTP headers to the values in /a customHeaders. All previously set custom headers are cleared. Returns a vector containing any headers that were not successfuly set.

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