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CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::BufferingInterface Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Interface containing functionality related to customizing buffering behaviour.

Player implementations which support interacting with buffer length implement this interface and return a pointer to the instance via GetBufferingInterface.

Minimum buffer length is the minimum amount of video playback time beyond the current time that the player will try to keep loaded at all times.
Maximum buffer length is the maximum amount of video playback time beyond the current time that can be loaded before additional video stops loading.
Buffer length must be set before media is prepared to take effect for a media session.

#include <player/YiAbstractVideoPlayer.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~BufferingInterface ()=default
virtual void SetBufferLength (const BufferLength &bufferLength)=0
virtual BufferLength GetBufferLength () const =0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~BufferingInterface()

virtual CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::BufferingInterface::~BufferingInterface ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBufferLength()

virtual BufferLength CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::BufferingInterface::GetBufferLength ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the maximum and minimum buffer length.

◆ SetBufferLength()

virtual void CYIAbstractVideoPlayer::BufferingInterface::SetBufferLength ( const BufferLength bufferLength)
pure virtual

Set the maximum and minimum buffer length to the corresponding values in bufferLength.

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