You.i Engine
CYICacheContents Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class representing the contents of what is currently cached within the engine identified by their primary key (the uri)

#include <network/YiCacheContents.h>

Public Member Functions

 CYICacheContents (const std::vector< CYIUrl > &primaryContents, const std::vector< CYIUrl > &secondaryContents)
 CYICacheContents (std::vector< CYIUrl > &&primaryContents, std::vector< CYIUrl > &&secondaryContents) noexcept
const std::vector< CYIUrl > & GetPrimaryCacheContents () const
const std::vector< CYIUrl > & GetSecondaryCacheContents () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CYICacheContents::CYICacheContents ( const std::vector< CYIUrl > &  primaryContents,
const std::vector< CYIUrl > &  secondaryContents 
CYICacheContents::CYICacheContents ( std::vector< CYIUrl > &&  primaryContents,
std::vector< CYIUrl > &&  secondaryContents 

Member Function Documentation

const std::vector<CYIUrl>& CYICacheContents::GetPrimaryCacheContents ( ) const

Returns the contents of the primary cache, identified by their CYIUrl key

const std::vector<CYIUrl>& CYICacheContents::GetSecondaryCacheContents ( ) const

Returns the contents of the secondary cache, identified by their CYIUrl key

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