Get Started on Microsoft Xbox

Xbox is just one of the many target platforms for You.i React Native apps. Use the instructions below to run our quick start app on a Xbox console.

Before You Start

You can build a You.i React Native for Xbox on the Windows dev platform only. You should see the Environment Setup topic to verify that everything’s set up properly before you get start for Xbox.

Once your dev environment is all set up, we recommend running through our Quick Start Guide. But if our Quick Start isn’t quick enough for you, here’s an even quicker start.

Install the You.i TV command line interface tool, You.i Platform, and any required dependencies youi-tv doctor requests.

yarn global add youi-cli
youi-tv login    # Enter your product key when prompted.
youi-tv install 6.15.0  # If asked, accept most recent version of Babel or other dependencies
youi-tv doctor   # Resolve any missing components (but don't worry about Android for now)

Set up scaffolding for your app with youi-tv init.

youi-tv init MyApp  # Create a folder called MyApp for your project
cd MyApp

Configure Java

Configure the following environment variable.

# set this environment variable (usually done from system settings)
JAVA_HOME=C:Program Files\Java\jdk<version>

Validate Your Config

Use youi-tv doctor to validate your configuration. Make any changes needed to meet the requirements.

Set Up Your Xbox

Enable Developer Mode on your Xbox. Log in as a user in the console and select Developer Home from the console’s home screen. You’ll see the IP address and the port of the console at the bottom right of the screen. Note down the IP address as you’ll require it later when you run the youi-tv run command.

You need to PIN-pair your Xbox with Visual Studio.

Run Your App

If it’s not already running, start the Metro bundler (Yarn server) from your development platform.

yarn start  # can be run from any folder in your project

Generate, build, deploy, and launch the UWP project.

cd MyApp
youi-tv run -p uwp --device <device IP address> -pin <4-digit PIN>

If You Had Issues

If you had any issues with this tutorial, you can download a zip file with the completed JavaScript and C++ files. The files contain updates for the entire tutorial and won’t run for all the steps, but they’re useful guides for adding lines of code.