Choose a Development Platform

Let’s choose a development platform.

You.i Platform allows you to develop and deploy video apps across multiple platforms with a single code base. The You.i Platform SDK supports React Native app development on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Consider your target platforms when choosing your development environment. In some cases, you’ll need to have all three development platforms available for packaging, deployment, and debugging your targeted deployment platforms.

Target Platform
Development Platforms
Linux macOS Windows
Amazon Fire TV ~v ~v ~v
Android (Touch, TV) ~v ~v ~v
Apple iOS ~x ~v ~x
Apple tvOS ~x ~v ~x
LG TV (webOS 3, webOS 4) ~v ~x ~x
Roku with You.i Roku Cloud ~v ~v1 ~x
Samsung TV (Tizen) ~v ~v ~v
Sony PlayStation ~x ~x ~v
Xbox One X ~x ~x ~v
  1. For Roku with You.i Roku Cloud, macOS is only supported for development. Linux is needed to build your final package.

See also our specifications page to learn what versions we support.