Supported Hardware and Software Specifications

Depending which development platform you are using and which targets you are developing for, You.i Platform has varying software requirements and dependencies.

You.i TV’s standard practice is to mirror official support for all platforms and tools. When a platform or tool is no longer supported by its author or publisher, support is also dropped from You.i Platform.

At a minimum, we recommend for your development environment:

  • 2.0 GHz CPU with 8 GB of memory
  • Free storage space:
    • Minimum 16 GB for the You.i Platform package, including room for building debug and release versions of the app for one development platform
    • Additional storage as required by the Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) you are using (for example, Xcode, Android Studio, or Visual Studio)

Development Platforms

The following platforms are intended for development purposes only.

Development Platform Lowest Highest
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.10
macOS Catalina (10.15) Big Sur
Windows Windows 10


The following Integrated Development Environments (IDE) are supported.

IDE Lowest Highest Notes
After Effects (for design) 2018 2021  
Android Studio 3.4.x 4.2.x  
Tizen Studio 3.2 4.1  
Visual Studio (for UWP) 2019  
Visual Studio (for PS4) 2019 Requires the PlayStation Integrated Plugin
Xcode 12.x 13.x  

Target Platforms

These target platforms are supported for React Native applications. For React Native development, see Hermes JavaScript Engine for more details on our Hermes support.

Target Platform Form Factor Lowest Hermes Support
Amazon (FireOS) 10ft 5 ~v
Android1  tablet, handset, 10ft 7 ~v
Apple iOS tablet and handset 9 ~x
Apple tvOS 10ft 12 ~x
LG webOS 4 10ft 2018 TVs or higher ~v
PS42, 3 10ft 7.0 ~x
Roku4 10ft 9.0 ~v
Tizen5 10ft 2016 TVs or higher ~v
XBox6 10ft 10 ~x
  1. For Android, as of August 2019, Google Play requires all new apps and games to target Android API level 28 (Android 9.0 Pie), or higher. Neon is enabled for ARMv7 devices in You.i Platform. As a result, ARMv7 Android devices without the optional Neon instruction set are unsupported.
  2. For PS4, to develop an application for Sony devices, you must be a certified Sony developer. To register with Sony, see SIE Dev Net. If you have a Sony development agreement, contact your You.i TV account manager or support manager for details on how to install the You.i Platform SDK for PlayStation development.
  3. If your PS4 app will have accessibility support the TextToSpeech libs from the Video Service SDK are required.
  4. For Roku, we support Roku Scene Graph v1.2, which optimizes for low-end devices.
  5. Hermes support requires Tizen 2017 TVs or higher, and Tizen apps built with Hermes JavaScript Engine must be developed on Linux.
  6. For XBox development, use the UWP target for React Native.

Third-Party Tools

Tool Lowest Highest Notes
Android NDK 21d (21.3.6528147) 21e (21.4.7075529)  
Chocolatey (for Windows) 0.10.11  
CMake iOS / tvOS: 3.19.6
All other devices: 3.19.x
3.19.x A custom CMake (version 3.18) comes packaged with You.i Platform. This version is automatically used when targeting builds for PlayStation 4 and UWP.
- iOS and tvOS install 3.19.6 or later
- All other targets, install the required version from CMake’s Downloads page.
GCC 7.4.x  
JDK JDK 8 You.i TV doesn’t recommend installing Java Development Kit (JDK) separately for Android Studio as it comes bundled with the latest OpenJDK. To learn more about using it, check out Android’s developer documentation.
JDK 8.0 is the only version that’s currently supported by You.i Platform for Tizen Studio.
Ninja (for Android) 1.8.2 1.x  
Node.js 12.10 12.x For Windows, click here to verify that the nodejs-lts version you’re installing is available with the Chocolatey package manager.
Python 3.x for Roku; latest for other target platforms  
React Native 0.63.4 You.i React Native corresponds to React Native 0.63.4 with a peer dependency to React 16.13.1. Ensure that your app code depends on these specific versions.

Note: The You.i TV installation scripts automatically install this version. You don’t need to manually install it.
React Native Debugger 0.11.x  
Ruby 2.0 3.x  
VLC (64-bit) 3.0  
Watchman 4.x or higher  
Yarn 1.13.x 1.22.x