Accessibility for Sony PlayStation 4

You can make a Sony PlayStation 4 app accessible, so that when the Text to Speech feature is enabled, the screen contents are read aloud.

This topic provides information specific to Sony PlayStation 4. Start with Accessibility to learn how accessibility works in You.i React Native.


With the introduction of accessibility support for PS4 apps, the TextToSpeech libs from the Video Service SDK are now required to build You.i React Native apps for PS4.

Supported functionality

You.i React Native supports starting and stopping the screen reader based on the element that has navigation focus. When enabled, the accessibility system announces focused items as the user navigates the application.

The mapping of supported functions to remote control input depends on the remote control model; consult Sony’s documentation for details.

Supported accessibility settings

When enabled, You.i React Native apps support all PS4 settings for Text to Speech:

  • Stopping and resuming the screen reader
  • On-screen keyboard announces characters while navigating the keyboard
  • Voice navigation around the app
  • Speech synthesizer
  • Voice speed
  • Voice type
  • Volume
  • Closed captioning