Accessibility for Samsung Tizen

You can make a Samsung Tizen app accessible, so that when the Voice Guide is enabled, the screen contents are read aloud.

This topic provides information specific to Samsung Tizen. Start with Accessibility to learn how accessibility works in You.i React Native.

On 10-foot platforms like Tizen, You.i React Native accessibility relies on our Navigation Focus system. With Navigation Focus, once the Voice Guide is active, users focus on screen elements by navigating using remote control input, and the accessibility information for the focused element is automatically read aloud. A You.i React Native app provides the same accessibility user experience as an HTML5 Tizen web app.

When a Tizen app crashes during launch, or at runtime, the error overlay that’s displayed will automatically vocalize the screen contents when the Voice Guide is enabled. You.i React Native apps respect Tizen platform settings that control the visual representation of subtitles with Tizen’s TVInfo Digital Caption Options APIs.

Supported functionality

You.i React Native supports starting and stopping the screen reader based on the element that has focus.

The mapping of supported functions to remote control input depends on the remote control model; consult Samsung’s documentation for details.

The following actions aren’t supported:

  • pausing and resuming the screen reader
  • switching the screen reader voice
  • reading the entire screen (because it’s unsupported by Tizen)

Supported accessibility settings

When Voice Guide is active, You.i React Native apps for Tizen automatically respect the TV’s current accessibility settings.

Accessibility Setting Supported?
Voice Guide: Volume ~v
Voice Guide: Speed ~v
Voice Guide: Pitch ~v
Video Description ~v
High Contrast ~x
Enlarge ~x
Captions ~v

Support for digital caption options

You.i React Native’s custom subtitle rendering system integrates with Tizen TV’s digital caption options. When a user sets a Digital Caption Option on the TV, the change is reflected in your app. We support all of the Tizen TV Digital Caption Options except the following, due to issues with Tizen’s APIs:

  • Font Style (for example, Bold and Italic)
  • Foreground Opacity: Slightly Translucent
  • Foreground Opacity: Highly Translucent
  • Background Opacity: Slightly Translucent
  • Background Opacity: Highly Translucent
  • Window Opacity: Slightly Translucent
  • Window Opacity: Highly Translucent

In addition, completely transparent text (foreground opacity) is not supported due to limitations within HTML text rendering.

See also Supported Streaming Protocols, Timed Metadata Formats, DRM, Closed Captions, and Subtitles Features.