Accessibility for Android TV

You can make an Android TV app accessible, so that when the TalkBack feature is enabled, the screen contents are read aloud.

This topic provides information specific to Android TV. Start with Accessibility to learn how accessibility works in You.i React Native.

To learn more about TalkBack on Android TV, see Get Started on Android with TalkBack.

Action Button support

Type Command Action Button

Move to next item Click on right arrow/circle
Move to previous item Click on left arrow/circle
Back out of the current content Back button
Move to related content Select button
Output Read page starting at the top Navigate to the top using the arrow keys
Toggle Current action  
Show item of chooser  

TalkBack settings supported

Setting Description

Choose your TalkBack speech verbosity. Select custom to manage speech preferences.

  • Keyboard echo
  • Speak usage hints
  • Speak lists and grid information
  • Speak the number of list items on the screen
  • Speak element type
  • Speak phonetic letters
  • Speak Passwords Toggle on/off
    Speech Volume  
    Sound Feedback Toggle on/off
    Sound Feedback Volume  
    Audio Ducking Decrease other audio volume while speaking