Roku Client Customization

The Roku client contains elements that must be customized for your app, including:

  • images that are displayed as the app loads
  • the fonts used by the app

Depending on your level of customization, you may want to alter some additional Roku client files.

To track your customizations, You.i TV recommends that you put a copy of the cloud_rokuclient folder from the You.i Platform package into your code base.

Minimum Set of Roku Client Files for Customization

At minimum, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the directory in the You.i Platform package containing source code for the Roku local client:

    cd <youi_engine_one>/src/
  2. Copy the cloud_rokuclient folder to the location in your project to store your Roku client source code. We recommend that you name the folder in your code base client.
  3. Add or customize splash screen, placeholder, failedImageUri, and channel icon images. See Customizing Roku Apps to learn how.

Optional Roku Client Files for Customization

Additional files that you may want to customize are located in <youi_engine_one>/src/cloud/optional/.

To add optional Roku client files to your code base, copy them from <youi_engine_one>/src/cloud/optional/ to client/components/ in your code base.