Google Android App Certification

The following sections summarize the guidelines and requirements from Google to develop an Android app:

Refer to App Submission Checklist when you are ready to submit the app for certification.

App Guideline Checklist and Considerations

Checkmark Core App Quality guidelines have been followed.
Checkmark TV App Quality guidelines have been followed.

Android also outlines some additional tips and advice for developing Android apps:

App Requirements Checklist

Ensure you complete the requirements in each of the following areas.

Checkmark The Developer Program Policies have been followed.
Checkmark You have signed up for a Google Play Developer Account.
Checkmark You have planned for Localization.
Checkmark You have run Beta Tests.
Checkmark You have determined your app’s Content Rating.

App Submission Checklist

Checkmark You have completed the Launch Checklist.
Checkmark You have reviewed information in ‘Upload an App’.
Checkmark You have watched the ‘10 Tips for Launching your App’ video.