Using the BrightScript Profiler

Roku has a Profiler tool you can use to visualize any profiling data captured in the last session of a channel if it has profiling turned on.

To use the Roku Profiler:

  1. Download and install the Profiler tool.
  2. Enable profiling in your app’s manifest file. There are multiple ways you can do this:

    • Manually add the manifest components to the file; for example:

    • Use the youi-tv roku-client command to side-load the client with the required components; for example:

       youi-tv roku-client -l -s <rokuipAddr> --manifestOptions bsprof_enable=1 --manifestOptions bsprof_data_dest=network


       youi-tv roku-client --host <localHostIPAddress>[:<port>] -s <rokuipAddr> --manifestOptions bsprof_enable=1 --manifestOptions bsprof_data_dest=network

      For a full description of possible Profile tool manifest component, see Roku documentation.

    Note: To save typing, you can define a separate manifest file for profiling and then use the ‘youi-tv roku-client’ CLI command with the -m option to specify it.

  3. Launch the resulting bsprof_web_tool app.

    Check out the Roku BrightScript Visualization Tool

  4. Use the Profile tool to visualize the data. Select your device and start gathering data by clicking Start Profiling.

See also Roku BrightScript Profiler documentation.