Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
onStartShouldSetResponder ~v ~v    
accessibilityActions ~v ~x ~x See Supported accessibility actions.
accessibilityLabel ~v ~v ~x  
accessibilityRole ~v ~v ~x  
accessibilityIgnoresInvertColor ~x ~x ~x  
accessibilityHint ~v ~v ~x  
accessibilityStates ~v ~v ~x  
hitSlop ~x ~x    
nativeID ~v ~v    
onAccessibilityAction ~v ~x ~x  
onAccessibilityTap ~v ~x ~x See Supported accessibility actions.
onAccessibilityEscape ~v ~x ~x See Supported accessibility actions.
onLayout ~v ~v    
onMagicTap ~v ~x   See Supported accessibility actions.
onMoveShouldSetResponder ~v Not Possible N/A  
onMoveShouldSetResponderCapture ~v Not Possible N/A  
onResponderGrant ~v Not Possible N/A  
onResponderMove ~v Not Possible N/A  
onResponderReject ~v Not Possible N/A  
onResponderRelease ~v Not Possible N/A  
onResponderTerminate ~v Not Possible N/A  
onResponderTerminationRequest ~v Not Possible N/A  
accessible ~v ~v ~x  
onStartShouldSetResponderCapture ~v Not Possible N/A  
pointerEvents ~v Not Possible N/A  
style ~v ~v Unknown  
testID ~v ~v N/A  
accessibilityComponentType ~x ~x N/A  
accessibilityLiveRegion ~x ~x N/A  
collapsable ~x ~x N/A  
importantForAccessibility ~x ~x N/A  
needsOffscreenAlphaCompositing ~x ~x N/A  
renderToHardwareTextureAndroid ~x ~x N/A  
accessibilityTraits ~x ~x N/A  
accessibilityViewIsModal ~x ~x N/A  
accessibilityElementsHidden ~x ~x N/A  
shouldRasterizeIOS ~x ~x N/A  

Supported accessibility actions

The following table lists the actions supported for the accessibilityActions prop, as well as the method callback and platform support for each action.

Action Method Callback Platform Support
activate onAccessibilityTap Android, iOS, tvOS
decrement onAccessibilityAction Android, iOS
escape onAccessibilityEscape iOS
increment onAccessibilityAction Android, iOS
magicTap onMagicTap iOS

For more information, see Accessibility and React Native’s accessibilityActions.